Episode 2

Singapore is a city in a garden, an economic powerhouse, and a place where community thrives through food, friendship, and faith including all of the world’s major religions. Join Rasool as he discovers how Jesus emerges as the spiritual leader in this seeker-friendly place.
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Bernice Lee and Tan Soo-Inn

Bernice Lee and Tan Soo-Inn understand the pain of losing a spouse. There is hurt, anger, and confusion. Yet their years of questioning and listening to God brought them to a point of understanding that He is always sovereign. We can trust Him even when life gets complicated.

Marina Bay Sands

How can I relate to someone with different beliefs?

We are all seeking answers to life’s biggest questions. And we all just want to know what the truth is. When we keep that in mind, it’s natural to be able to share experiences and talk to others with a more humble spirit.

Riverboat Cruise

What can a garden teach us about spirituality?

Singapore is known as a city within a garden. Years ago, Singaporeans decided to beautify their island by planting seeds and flowers, and it has flourished. In the same way, we can grow in our faith as we allow ourselves to be planted and let God do the cultivating.

Henderson Waves Bridge

What does it mean for Jesus to be the bridge to God?

With Singapore’s spiritual diversity and the idea that many paths can lead to God, a bridge is a great visual representation that Jesus is the only way to connect to God. Jesus not only states, “I am the way,” but He also shares how we can be bridge builders to point others to the truth.

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A New Calling


Teenage gang leader Casey and his followers broke into homes and cars, robbed convenience stores, and fought other gangs. Eventually, Casey was arrested and sentenced. In prison, he became a “shot caller,” someone who handed out homemade knives during riots.

Sometime later, he was placed in solitary confinement. While day-dreaming in his cell, Casey experienced a “movie” of sorts replaying key events of his life—and of Jesus, being led to and nailed to the cross and telling him, “I’m doing this for you.” Casey fell to the floor weeping and
confessed his sins. Later, he shared his experience with a chaplain, who explained more about Jesus and gave him a Bible. “That was the start of my journey of faith,” Casey said. Eventually, he was released into the mainline prison population, where he was mistreated for his faith. But he felt at peace, because “[he] had found a new calling: telling other inmates about Jesus.”

In his letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul talks about the power of Christ to change lives: God calls us from lives of wrongdoing to follow and serve Jesus (2 TIMOTHY 1:9). Like Casey, when we’ve experienced God’s grace, the Holy Spirit empowers us to be living witnesses of Christ’s love. Through the Holy Spirit’s enabling, we have a new calling to share the good news (V. 8).


When have you shared the gospel with someone? What was the result? Did it ever lead to suffering? What happened?

Dear God, thank You for offering us a new calling through Your Son. And thank You for giving us the Spirit to live inside us to guide and empower us to serve You.