New York City

Episode 1

Start your journey in New York City . . . a place where the hustle is real and truth is relative. It’s a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. And it’s the perfect point of departure for Brooklyn-based Rasool Berry to find answers to the question, “Who is Jesus?”
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Rasool Berry

Rasool was a “good guy.” He had an internal moral compass, but he realized that it was all relative to himself, so he started to examine what goodness really is. His search led him to the source of all goodness and an understanding of what that means.


What is absolute truth?

We all have different standards of morality, and we can debate what is good, bad, right, or wrong. But just as the world stood united on 9/11 in identifying those horrifying events as pure evil, there is absolute truth. We just have to be open to it.

Wall Street

What’s it all about?

There’s no better place than the heart of Wall Street to ponder money, status, and success. While the American dream may be to achieve all of these things, what does it really mean in the end? There’s a better way that allows us to stop striving and start resting. Here’s how.

Central Park

What does love look like?

Central Park is well-known as a setting for romance and love stories, both in the movies and real-life. But as wonderful as those relationships can be, people will still disappoint us. There’s only one love that is truly selfless, everlasting, and the foundation for everything else.

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A Good Man

New York City

“Jerry was a good man,” the pastor said at Jerald Stevens’ memorial service. “He loved his family. He was faithful to his wife. He served his country in the armed services. He was an excellent dad and grandfather. He was a great friend.”

But then the pastor went on to tell the friends and family gathered that Jerry’s good life and good deeds were not enough to assure him a place in heaven. And that Jerry himself would have been the first to tell them that!

Jerry believed these words from the Bible: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (ROMANS 3:23) and “the wages of sin is death”(6:23). Jerry’s final and eternal destination in life’s journey was not determined by whether he lived a really good life but entirely by Jesus—the perfect Son of God—dying in his place to pay sin’s penalty. He believed that each of us must personally accept the free gift of God, which is “eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (V. 23).

Jerry was a good man, but he could never be “good enough.” He, like us, had to learn that salvation and righteousness aren’t the results of human effort. They’re gifts by God’s grace (EPHESIANS 2:8).

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 CORINTHIANS 9:15).


How is it freeing to know you’ll never be “good enough” to get into heaven? How will you approach someone who believes their good works will earn a place for them there?

Dear God, thank You for Your freely given gift of eternal life to all who have faith in You. I’m so thankful I don’t need to earn my way into heaven.